The U. S. Presidential Election is November 4, 2008

Get Ready! Register!

There are a lot of Web sites that make it easy to register to vote. All of them also give you information or offer entertainment and networking. Pick any of the sites below to GET REGISTERED, GET ACTIVE, and HAVE SOME FUN!

  • Rock the Vote Register to vote, get smart, have some fun. Rock the Vote offers lots of ways to get involved and information specific to younger voters.

  • Your Vote Matters Register to vote courtesy of Working Assets. It's way easy. Over 200,000 voters have been registered through this site! You can also sign up to help protect voting rights and to get elections updates.

  • Smackdown Your Vote World Wrestling Entertainment's 'Smackdown Your Vote!' effort to undertake a non-partisan campaign. Get smart! Get registered!

  • Voter Virgin Everybody's doin' it in '08. Interactive site to practice, practice, practice! — and have some fun connecting with other Voter Virgins and make some hay. Prizes too. . .

  • Declare Yourself Declare Yourself spoken word artists will be visiting college campuses. Cool videos. Register to vote. Get really smart. Be smarter than the ballot box.

  • MTV's Choose or Lose Register to vote. Speak out! Get active! Take 'Voting 101'!

  • New Voters Project Grassroots organizing for first time voters — got a few more voter-virgins to throw in? Sponsored by the state PIRGs and the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management.

  • Uvote is an electronic citizensa convention. Apathy Sucks! Read about the issues! Register here!

  • Just Vote Register to vote. Encourage others to vote. Find political information.
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