"We're getting into it. How about you?"

About We-Vote.Org

We-Vote was organized to create a series of politically neutral, national-in-scope PSAs to be distributed to all major markets to inspire younger eligible citizens to register and to vote. The spots will be filmed in English and in Spanish.

We-Vote was started in Portland (Oregon) photographer Frank DiMarco's backyard in the summer of 2003 with the goal of creating compelling media content to inspire younger voters to participate in the democratic process. The We-Vote group also includes Art Director Anna Gadsby, Director of Photography Shawn Sundby, Director and Storyboard Artist Dan Schaefer, Graphic Designer Karen Wolf and Musician Al Criado. Additional help on the legal front has come from Jeff Milholer and Judge Larry Smith. Web help comes from Salli Slaughter of PR Strategies.

We have had an incredible amount of support in the Portland community. People have volunteered time, talent, and equipment to produce our first PSA, "Tattoo." We are hoping to get the PSA distributed nationally, and welcome requests for copies to show on local or national networks.

We continue to need support in the form of equipment, talent, and funding. We-Vote is formally affiliated with the Community Media Initiative of Portland, Oregon, a 501c3 non-profit organization. CMI is the fiscal agent for We-Vote and can accept tax-deductible donations to fund additional voter registration Public Service Announcements. We-Vote is actively seeking contributions to help inspire young, eligible Americans in the voting process.


WE-VOTE Contact:
Frank DiMarco
P.O. Box 14184
Portland OR 97293-0184
Tel. 503.236.3736
Fax. 503.235.7546
E-mail: info@we-vote.org