We Had Fun Making "Tattoo"!

We-Vote would like to thank a lot of people for stepping up and volunteering time, talent and equipment — and sometimes cash — to make and distribute "Tattoo":
  • Patagonia www.patagonia.com,
  • Ron Rothert Insurance www.ronrothert.com
  • Michael Koerner of Koerner Cameras,
  • Executive Producer Gary Nolton of Limbo Films,
  • Assistant Cameraman Andrew McDowall,
  • Joel Stirnkorb and Greg Schmitt and Gearhead Grip and Lighting,
  • Tim Larson of Downstream Digital,
  • Sound Recorder Glenn Micallef of Film/Sound Company,
  • Hair and Makeup Artist Rose Barclay,
  • Production Assistants Lily Tong, Andrew Slac and Alexandra Criado,
  • Key Grip Brent Lawson of BLT Productions,
  • Don Jensen and Janat Gargi at Alpha Cine in Seattle,
  • Limbo Produce in SE Portland,
  • Souvenir Tattoo Parlour
  • RedKat Imaging
  • Eastman Kodak,
  • A-1 Rentals of Portland,
  • TeriLee Wilson of TLC Location Management,
  • Tom Chamberlain of Community Media Initiative,
  • Zupan's Market on Belmont
  • PR Strategies www.prstrategists.com, and
  • Our cast — Angela Trambitas, Scott Krombein, Geoff Decrucq, Yani Berkshire, Brian and Stefani Paul and Ryan Smith.
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